Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Pug Cake

First of all...animal cake are fast becoming my favorites to do. They are just so much fun and end up having their own little personalities. Like Elton the Pug here....I love how shifty he turned out, like he just did something wrong...a bit mischievous, even! We usually just do frosting for the animal cakes. Since they have fur, this mimics it perfectly. However, pugs are very short haired....what to do?! So we covered him with fondant, but then he is too smooth....the solution? I painted on a thin layer of frosting over the fondant and tapped it, it give it a short spiky texture. Then we airbrushed the whole thing. Turned out great! Some say..even a little scary, but I think that is a good thing!


  1. OMG a Pug cake, too cool!
    I Love Pugs, and am owned by a black female Pug named Princess.

    Awsome Pug cake!

  2. So sweet...even if it would be without sugar ;-)
    But he looks a litle bit scared, doesn`t he?

  3. Yesterday my dog died !! I feel sad because the cake has the same face as my died dog! I am crying!

    1. A nice collection. That is some inspirational stuff. Hope you are well.

  4. Hi my daughter wants me to do a pug for her birthday, could you give me any tips how to do it please? what sort of cake tine did you use and how you got his face please...