Monday, November 14, 2011

The Soccer Ball and Lei Cake

This cake was made for a special kid. When I am not baking, I am a nanny to two great girls. The older girl, Danielle turned 12 this weekend, along with her best friend, Bailey. They decided on a soccer and luau theme....naturally! So this is what we came up with.I had a blast making the flowers for the lei. And piping all that grass, leaving a bit of "dirt" was really cool too.

The Books Wedding Cake

Yes..... you heard right, I said wedding cake! I know I usually don't do those (the pressure!!!) but this one was special. It was for my cousin Jenn and her fiance Michael. They are both really into fantasy..Star Wars, Lord of the Rings...etc...So they didn't want just an ordinary wedding cake. Together we came up with this concept of a stack of vintage books left in the forrest. My mom did all of the detail work, the twigs, ferns, acorns...etc....which looked awesomeee! This cake is really stunning all put together and truly represented them as a couple. And that makes me smile.

The Guinness Cake

This is a cake made with guinness to look like guinness......yup...that about says it all!

The Baby Cowgirl Cake

This was a sweet cake. It was for an old friend's little sister's baby shower and it was cowgirl themes. I had fun making the botts, thought they were difficult! It always is when trying to make gum paste stand on its own. But I think they came out great. Along with the hat and it's customized buckle...the parents-to-be were delighted!

The Other Guitar Cake

This cake was a rush job for a high profile producer...not naming names!!! : ) It was on a smaller scale but getting all the gears and nobs took some finess. I love the wood grain on the neck best!

The Luggage Cake

I have seen a bunch of these types of cakes. There are a lot of ways to go with it. So I was excited when I got this order. I loved doing all the hand painted luggage tags, and making it look vintager was so fun!

Th Big Lebowski Cake

This cake was for a Big Lebowski fan, so we wanted to get all the details juuust right. We actually had the rug image printed out onedible paper using edible ink. The figures were hand sculpted by Matt (husband/business partner/master sculpter) and I dressed those bad boys! I love the way it came out.

The Rice Krispies Cake

Mmmmm. A cake made entirely of rice krispies, yes. That sounds delicious. Add some frosting...decorate with Cap't Crunch and you are all set! This was for our best friend Skot and we all dove in and gobbled it right up. Who doesn't love rice krispies?!!