Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Nautical Cake

This cake was fun to work on because it was just so darn cute! I loved all the colors, the theme, the little boat on top. And I am really proud of how clean it came out. The family loved it and sent me this great photo (courtesy of Kelly Fogel Photography.)

The Baby Elsa Cake

Warning! This cake has been called "quite disturbing." And I can't say I don't disagree. It was an odd request for sure. But I expect nothing less from our outrageous and artsy friends, Jeff and Liv. We really pushed ourselves to make this cake as life like as possible. When they said "fetus cake" We answered, "just born!" With the umbilical cord and scissors and all!
This one has received a lot of attention so far. Some bad, but mostly good. What it comes down to is, we created a cake that is truly a piece of art. Whether you are grossed out or amazed...

The Mardi Gras Mask Cake

This cake was for my niece's Sweet 16 party, which was Mardi gras themed. I can not believe I have a 16 year old niece but I was happy to help plan her party and, of course, make her cake. We went big. I mean, really big! It was super fun to decorate with the gold paint and the jewels. A really fun and creative experience!

The Time Warner Cake

This cake was unique in that it wasn't a cake at all! It was the first time I got to work with "cake dummies." Styrofoam cake rounds that I covered in fondant and decorated it for a Time Warner commercial. Which was really exciting! Another unique element was that I had to make three top tiers that were interchangeable. I thought it all came out perfectly.

The Very First Wedding Cake

So, I finally did it. I "bit the bullet" and accepted my first wedding cake. It was fairly simple and I think we pulled it off. I love the fresh flowers we got to arrange ourselves on site.