Friday, October 12, 2012

Rocker Baby Cake

I loved making this cake for my high school friend Natasha for her baby shower. Such a cute, cool concept and so fun to make. I especially loved making the checkerboard pattern and the toppers.

Jambi Wedding Cake

This one is definitely an interesting wedding cake. But we expected nothing less from our very best friend Johnpaul and his beautiful fiance Laura. They drew inspiration from PeeWee's Playhouse character Jambi. This is so them. I can't actually take credit on this crazy husband and cake partner took the reigns on this one and he pulled it off! It was a hit, the newlyweds and all their guests loved it!

The Wedding Cake

This wedding cake was a monster! A beautiful monster, but crazy to make, none-the-less! A five tiered all white wedding cake with hand made flowers. It was a huge undertaking but I am so proud of it and my helpers for pulling it off!

Cake Catch Up!!!

Can't believe I've been MIA so long! I've had trouble loggin on so I kept posting my cakes on my website, sadly neglecting my blog. But I'm back and determined to catch up....So here comes a bunch of new(ish) cakes...
A Lily Pulitzer inspired 1st birthday cake. Love how the pattern came out!
Tinkerbell Tree stump cake. So cute and so fun to make! Especially all the little ferns, mushrooms and other details!
Three tiered baby shower cake for my sister in law! Love the simplicity of it!
Love this cake! So simple, so clean, so perfect!
Mermaid themed cake and cookie favors. This combo was a blast to make!! I can't say enough how much it was to create all the little details, the fish, sea snail...everything! It was my absolute fav to work on! So girly and cute! And the cookie favors to match? Too much! Too cute!
And last but not least...The Marine Corps Cake. For a true marine and police officer's retirement party!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Mod Cake + Cookie Favors

This was a cake and cookie favors order. I love how they go together and everything matches perfectly. I must admit, the chevron pattern wasn't the easiest thing in the world to took a lot of measuring and math to get it right. But I like the overall outcome. I had a blast hand making the pin whees to go on top of the cake and also on the cake table. They turned out so darn cute! And I loved doing the cookies. They are such a fun, customizable favor to have at a baby shower. I think this cake come out adorably...super happy with it.

The Dia de los Bebes Cake

I have to start by saying....I love this cake. I love everything about it. I love the colors. I love the twisty blue drapes. I love the multi-colored roses. And I especially love the skull. I loved making her and hand painting all the cute details on her...which I took directly from their invitation. I love the bow and the gold pacifier! This has got to be one of my favorites. And to make it even more was for our dear dear friends, Seth and Mandy's baby shower. It was such a joy and pleasure to create this for them. They are just the nicest people with the coolest style. Congrats guys! xoxo.
Photo by Sposto Photography

The Pirate Cake

This one was a super fun cake to make. I really like the whole concept and execution. I loved making the little pirate and his treasure chest...And the client loved it!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Dune Spice Worm Cake

When I got this order for a Dune themed cake for a surprise grooms cake...I have to admit, I didn't know what Dune was. Apparently it is a cool movie from the 80's in which dudes ride giant spice sand worms. After doing a bunch of research, Matt and I had a clear plan of how to craft him...and make him look like he was coming out of the sand dunes. In the end, I love how he came out...even though it is a bit creepy. I love the airbrushing, the tons of teeth and the brown sugar sand.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Natalia Fabia Baby Shower Cake

This one is very near and dear to my heart. Our amazing, lovely and super talented friends, Natalia Fabia and Jay Bentley are having a baby! We are super excited for them and was super excited for their shower! I offered my baking services to the planner and she sent me some amazing vintage baby shower pics, with cute little animals, big vintage roses and a very 'Natalia' color palette (ie...lots of bright, glittery color!) After getting inspired, we came up with this cake/cupcake combo. There is so much I love about it, I don't know where to start! The colors are glorious, I love the draped strings on the bottom tier. I loved making little bunny and giraffe! The cupcake toppers were my fav! They were all hand carved and hand painted by me. It was so much fun!.....The roses however....they were a struggle. I am not an expert flower maker, by any means. But I did my very best and after some shimmer, they looked great! The whole look has to be one of my favorites to date, for sure! And the fact that is was for two amazing people whom we love so much was just the icing on the cake! (pun intended.)

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Girly Peanut Cake

A loyal customer of ours ordered a cake for her friend, who's nickname is 'peanut.' So, naturally, the concept was a giant peanut! Then we added a little figurine of the birthday girl (who is gorgeous and highly fashionable!) and her french bulldog. I really love this cake. I love how it came together. I think the colors relate perfectly together and I just loved dressing the figurine and making teeny tiny heels and teeny belt! So fun!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Vintage Pacman Cake

We did this cake kind of at the last minute for a friend's birthday party that he was having at a vintage arcade. The evite had an image of a pacman ghost, so we took that lead and did a simple cake with a pixelated character. It was a hit!

The Wonder Twins Cake

This cake was for a pair of twins turning one! Their parents are our friends so we wanted to give them something fun and bright. They came up with the Wonder Twins concept...I had never heard of those comic book characters before...but after a little research, we got the theme and color palette. I had the idea of making their twins the actual Wonder Twins, so Matt and I collaborated on a caricature of Sidney and Duncan. The overall effect was very personal, cheerful and bright. I really really love this cake, every time I look at it, I smile.

The Golf/Darth Vadar Cake

This cake was for a guy who loves two and Star Wars. So we combined the two ideas and came up with an amazing concept. I handled the golf ball and all the accessories and Matt took charge on the caricature of the birthday boy. He really nailed his likeness and the clients were ecstatic. I was really pleased with how it came out!

The Western Poker Cake

I had a blast making this cake! It was for a family friend who was having a 'Deadwood' themed party. SO we decided on a western poker cake. After laying down the green, I paneled the fondant and gave it a wood grain texture. The finishing touches were the hand made poker chips and playing cards that we personalized with edible images of a royal straight and the birthday boy's picture on a wanted sign! It was a huge hit...especially the flavor. We made it a chocolate stout bacon cake with caramel buttercream. The birthday boy wasn't huge on sweets but loves it was super fun experimenting with the flavor!

The Korin Faught Cake

We made this cake + cupcakes combo for a good friend of ours, artist Korin Faught. She drew the Gorey inspired drawing that we printed out on edible paper for the top of the cake. She was really inspired by Gorey's Crampus characters, and based on that, we designed the cupcake toppers and added the green bow and hand painted snakes and letters. The effect was really fitting for her Christmas birthday party. Just loved how it came out!

Baby Monkey

This was also for a baby shower, this one monkey themed. I really enjoyed the color palette, pink and brown are so popular right now! I also just loved how girly and graphic it was. The client loved it!