Monday, July 26, 2010

The Green Lantern Cake

We were just too excited to do this cake. It was for a fabulous friend of ours, Ted, for his big birthday bash. The party was crazy and we were so honored to be able to pull this off for him. He loves The Green Lantern, so we worked together to come up with an awesome concept. We decided to do a comic book cake with the fist really popping out and a real working green light for his ring. It was our first time working with a technical element and it went really well. I love this cake so much. It is a definite high for our blog!

The Other Mustache Cake

This mustachio was made for my sister Michelle's 40th birthday after party. The theme was Anchor Man and everyone had to wear a fake mustache. So, of course the cake had to be a mustache, right?! We kept it simple this time and left the nose off. But it turned out super cute and she loved it!

The Pretty Little Cupcakes

These pretty little cupcakes were for my sister, Michelle's big 40th birthday. We had a lovely family party with a teal and damask theme. I hand made the flags with the theme colors and little M's and 40's. I also made the pretty little cupcake stands and it all turned out so cute, I just can't stand it! I got to play with the flavors because she was so open and I came up with two variations that both went over well. Half were a chocolate banana with a peanut butter filling. The other half was strawberry white chocolate with a marshmallow cream filling....yummmm!

The Lakers Cake

Okay, so who doesn't love the Lakers? Who wouldn't love to make a Lakers cake with an awesome championship cup? It was for our good friend JohnPaul and he actually came and helped out. He did a wonderful job on the jersey and the cake turned out fantastic.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Dump Truck Monkey Cake

I had a blast making this cake for a little boy's first birthday. I loved getting a chance to do a little boy cake. The dump truck was made out of rice krispies and was so fun to decorate. But I have to say, making the traffic signs and cones were my favorite part.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The FABIA Cake

Gotta say...this was our biggest cake to date. It had the most details and elements and we knew we had to execute it as perfectly as possible! After all, it was for our very talented and amazing artist friend Natalia Fabia's opening show. We got a sneak peak of her work ( and were able to get inspired and make a cake that, we thought, reflected her paintings. We had a great time working on it and an even greater time at the opening. Congrats FABIA, we love you!

The Second Patron Cake

We did this cake a few weeks ago and it was fun getting another shot at a Patron cake, since I felt I made mistakes the first time. Here is the cake with the birthday boy. I think it turned out good, better than the first one for sure!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Butterfly Cake

This cake was close to our hearts. We made it for our cousins Brenden and Joy's daughter's first birthday. We just love these guys to death and really wanted to do something ultra girly and sweet for little Maya Kate. I loved working on this one because I got to use some fun colors and totally express the child in me! Happy Birthday Maya!