Friday, September 24, 2010

The Happy Meal Cake

This cake was for a special little girl. I am a nanny during the day for two girls and the younger one, who was turning eight, has been talking about this cake all year. She knew exactly what she wanted! Her favorite meal! She gets a happy meal every Wednesday. So I had to pull it off! The best part was making the burger (just a rice cereal patty, airbrushed...perfect meat consistency.) I also had a blast doing the french fries! The wrapper was fun to make, but shaping the fries, a bit of airbrush and crushed sugar (salt), they looked perfect! She absolutely loved it! Happy 8th birthday Kylie Koo!

The Hunny Pot Cake

Well, my best friend had to have a California baby shower! Since I was co-hosting this one with her fabulous step mom, Julie...I wanted to go all out. After doing the more traditional tiered Winnie the Pooh cake for her Vegas shower, I definitely knew I wanted to do a carved cake for this one. But I had to incorporate two elements, so I could have some gluten free cake and some regular cake. I decided to do a giant honey pot with cupcakes that had little bees on them. Half way was missing something. It needed Pooh....but how to incorporate him? That is how we came up with him falling into the honey, just his butt showing...put a little bee on top and....tah dah! It was a smash hit and got raving reviews! I was so happy I could do something extra special for my very best friend, Lindsay and her husband Simon and of Ava Jai!