Friday, March 25, 2011

The Face Cake

This is the second cake of this nature we have done. We call them 'caricature' cakes because we base it on a drawing of the subject rather than trying to make it look super life like. This was as surprise to a guy from his girlfriend. He loves the Lakers, his band 'The Teeth' and his Rickenbacker bass guitar. I think we pretty much nailed it and kept it clean and cool looking.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Cop Cake

This cake was super fun to make. It was for a retiring detective, Gregg and was bought as a surprise from his adorable girlfriend, Linda. He loves 'Dunkin' Donuts' coffee and raspberry danishes. So we added his badge and gun all on a newspaper board and called it a day! Couldn't get more stereotypical cop than that. I loved recreating the logo and details on the cup and even putting the details on the gun was fun. We had a bit of trouble with the rain but all in all, this cake came out beautifully!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Gibson Les Paul Cake

We got another crack at making a guitar cake. The first one we did was over a year ago and was one of our very first cakes. So we were excited to put to use all the new tricks and experience we have gained in the meantime! And even more so because we got to do it for such a wonderfully sweet client. Lisa wanted to surprise her hubby-to-be with a life size replica of his favorite guitar for their wedding day. It was, in fact, my first groom's cake and was happy to do this for such a lovely couple. We had a blast "nerding out" on the little details...all the nobs and buttons. And Matt did an amazing job on the wood graining with the airbrush. All in all, I think we blew the other guitar cake out of the water. Congrats Marco and Lisa!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Zebra Cake

I am back after a long winter break! And the orders have been rolling in! Starting with this adorable baby shower cake. I had fun with the graphic colors and the zebra print. Most of all, I was really happy with the special piping on top, as the mommy-to-be called her bum 'baby bean.' I thought it all came out adorably.