Monday, July 26, 2010

The Green Lantern Cake

We were just too excited to do this cake. It was for a fabulous friend of ours, Ted, for his big birthday bash. The party was crazy and we were so honored to be able to pull this off for him. He loves The Green Lantern, so we worked together to come up with an awesome concept. We decided to do a comic book cake with the fist really popping out and a real working green light for his ring. It was our first time working with a technical element and it went really well. I love this cake so much. It is a definite high for our blog!


  1. Awsome Green Lantern cake my fave super hero!

  2. What an awesome cake. I own a cake business in Virginia and have done some really neat cakes. This one is by far the coolest I have seen lately.

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