Monday, December 21, 2009

The Elvis Aaron Presley Cake

The Elvis cake we made for our friend Jackie's birthday this past weekend was quite a challenge! It was our hardest cake thus far. Half way through we were feeling skeptical that we could pull this cake off...but somehow we finished him and we were pleased with our portrayal of fat Elvis.


  1. See?!?!?! It came out bitchen!!!! I knew you'd pull it off. Let me guess, everyone at the party was gushing?!?! hehe I'm stoked, it came out great. So proud, sis :)

  2. Awesome Fat Elvis!!! The sunglasses are perfect, and his hair is amazing. Great job and kudos to the dynamic duo cake team of Jana & Matt!!!

  3. Hello there, I would like to know how much this cake costs in case I order it.

  4. My birthday cake was the best cake ever!!!!! You guys are amazing!!!! Looked fantastic! Tasted fantastic!! Best cake ever!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

  5. Hi Niaou (aka A),
    A cake of this size and detail would run about $300.
    I make all sorts of cakes in all sorts of sizes that could fit most anyones price range. If you are interested, send me an email at
    Thank you for your inquiry,
    <3 Jana

  6. What a wonderful cake! in the other hand it's kinda creepy don't you think?