Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Turkey Cake

So, this was a big job! We were asked to make a Thanksgiving themed cake for my bosses work party. We were really excited to get started....I made a lot of cakes and we carved a pretty huge turkey. The little details kept us busy until the very last moment!
We think he's pretty cool. But we learned a bunch and know where his faults lay!
But, Hey! It's a learning process, right?!
We also got our next order. From our dear friends, Jeff and Liv. We can not wait to start on Liv's siamese cat head birthday cake! So, stay tuned for that!
I've added a new gadget to my growing cake making tool box. . .
A pasta machine! (Thanks mom for donating to Jana's Fun Cakes!)
So now I can roll out small pieces of fondant really smooth and even make thin strips, if I need to. Very excited about that!

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